Who we are

Our values

Our Mission: We work to satisfy the expectations of our customers , to grant an excellent quality of the product and the service.

Our values:  Reliability and commitment: we work to deliver a product of quality, created and tailored according the needs of the customer . A product made to last.

Quality of the product and the service: we work to ensure an excellent quality. We constantly execute a careful control of materials and the finishing to satisfy our customers. We are committed to comply the terms of delivery by a continuous inspection of the production planning. We guarantee the best technical and commercial advices, in order to find the best solution for our customer, according to its needs. Every day we are engaged to improve the quality of the product, of the service and of the procedures by a constant activity of research, staff training and the update of the technologies we work with.

Ethical Commitment and Responsibility: we are engaged to encourage the development of work and organization, for a model of business ethically correct, respectful of the environment and the human dignity. We work with seriousness and rigor by respecting the laws, the people and the planet we live on, in order to ensure a good present and a better future to all the next generations.

We are committed to improve the quality of life thanks to an environmental and sustainable production, by optimizing the energy resources we use ; we select raw materials strictly controlled, with low impact on the environment and harmless to the health. We directly differentiate the wastes for a proper management of recycling .


Made in Italy

For Mobirolo "Made in Italy" means passion for our work, to produce concretely in our plants in Italy; It means to preserve the craftsmanship know-how of our region , providing a meticulous attention to the details; For Mobirolo " Made in Italy " means a continuous experimentation of new technologies and different processes to improve our Italian quality.



For Mobirolo "Made in Italy" means to conceive the design as a project in constant evolution: a source of ideas, styles and lines which take shape to become furnishing of strong personality ; a synthesis of harmony and contrast, utility and beauty, functionality and aesthetics, past and future. To create and to make objects for living along the time.



Mobirolo has always paid great attention to the environment and its safeguard and this attitude is one of the values of our Company. The recycle of materials as ethical commitment and resource: the wood residues are recuperated and mainly used for the heating system of the production sites; the residues of remaining parts are sent to specialized companies from which they derive other objects or materials.

Mobirolo company has installed a photovoltaic system with solar panels which provides a partial energy independence and a significant reduction of potential harmful emissions in the air .

We deeply believe in FSC Certification and we guarantee that, the beech wood used for our products, comes from forests "responsibly" managed and controlled, respecting the environment, the natural resources and the people. Our wood products are painted and treated by "water varnishes" , that dramatically reduces the emission of chemical agents in the atmosphere , granting harmless effects for health. Finally, the production in our Italian plants, together with a short supply chain thanks to the cooperation with local suppliers, let us contribute to reduce the negative pollution effects due to long distance transportations for manufacturing operations.



Mobirolo: a story of passion

The dream "to create stairs of quality and comfort" of the founder , begins in 1966, in an artisanal laboratory of Reggio Emilia, a small town in the north of Italy. Since that moment the technological experimentation, a hard dedication, a meticulous attention for details, the innovation and the constant aesthetical research will be always the guidelines of the Mobirolo’s history. Thanks to them, Mobirolo is now considered one of the leading companies for the production of stairs of high quality and aesthetic level.

1970: together with the production of retractable stairs, Mobirolo begins to look at new technological and stylistic solutions. The "Spiral" line is presented in the market: a selection of spiral staircases conceived to harmonize functionality and aesthetics in vertical sense.

1980: Following the change of cultural moods and the trends in the arts , architecture and interior design , Mobirolo introduces the "OPEN"line: a contemporary re-interpretation of the traditional wooden stairs, to transforms the classical identity of the product in a piece of furniture for the contemporary living space.

1990: New graphic lines and some industrial materials will typify the "Modular" line: the highest expression of industrial and architectural design: by the experimentation and the application of new materials for the structures, such as aluminum and transparent polycarbonate Mobirolo creates a new vertical design.

XXI Century: It’s the last "Tech" line, that interprets the new contemporary world and the cultural contamination of styles, shapes and materials. An eclectic mix of essential industrial design and LED technology, aerial transparency of the stratified glass married with chrome steel banisters, graphic shapes and laser-cutting structures combined to the warm and truthfulness colors of wood ... everything becomes a style and everything is in motion.