Spiral staircases

The safe and elegant spiral staircases

The main feature of the spiral staircase (also called helicoidal staircase) is the small space used.

Thanks to its shape, the spiral staircase represent an architectural and elegant element. There are round or square spiral staircases. The Mobirolo Kit staircases are cheap (prices starting at963,46) and are produced in 3 different materials: wood,PVC and metal. We only use FSC100%certified wood (License code FSC-C108913).

You will receive your staircase in 10/15 working days starting from the order confirmation and by the use of the online-video, you will be able to install it in few hours.

Discover more about Kit staircases

Why choose a kit staircase

We decided to introduce the kit collection to solve 3 main needs:

  • Quality/Price Ratio: we noted that a measure staircase is not always necessary because of economic or usefulness reasons, so a kit staircase can be the right compromise.
  • Staircases with an easy installation:  the kit staircase is perfect for people that believe in the “Do it yourself” and are able to install their staircase without the fitter’s intervention. The assembly instructions together with an online video are an important support.
  • Kit staircases ready to be shipped with an easy installation: through a kit staircase, you will decide wheninstall it; we will grant a delivery in 15 days and our customer service is at your complete disposal for any need.

We have created our Kit staircases collection respecting our standardideals:

  • Mobirolo produces quality products for over  50 years which are used in all Europe.  Products quality and design are the focus of our work.
  • The product’s security is a guarantee:  we test our products in our laboratories to grant their resistance against wear. We sell products for over 50 years, both in Italy and abroad and this is our and your certainty.

Our customer service

Eleonora Perry Valentina

Send a mail to ecommerce@mobirolo.it specifying the staircase you are looking for and they will glad to help you. 

The Materials

The staircase is an aesthetic element of your home and it has to be adapted inside it in a graceful way. For this reason, the material’s choice is very important.

Our Kit staircases are composed of three different materials: the wood, Pvc and the carbon steel.

The wood is suitable to all types of interiors, both traditional and contemporary.

We pay attention to wood's quality that we treat with the most modern technologies to offer a very resistant material able to reduce the maintenance's intervention.

The Pvc is a plastic element very adaptable with an high resistance. Pvc does not contain lead.

The carbon steel is the other material used for our kit staircases, able to create modern design products in all security.


The Wood is treated with water painting with reduces the emission of chemical agents in the atmosphere.

The metal is treated with powder paint to increase its resistance.

Respect for the Environment, for the production chain and for the customer.

We only make use of FSC100% certified wood (License Code FSC-C108913), ensuring that the wood comes from well-managed forests, in the ethical and environmental respect of people and resources.

We grant a short production chain thanks to an active cooperation with our local suppliers and we have reduced the transports use for our production’s logistical.

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