General Sale conditions

General Sale conditions

The offer, the sale and all the other activities connected to site are regulated from the Sale General conditions.

Every product bought on is directly sold from Mobirolo S.p.A with legal head office in Strada C. Colombo, 22/A – 42046 – Reggiolo (RE) - TVA 02620340352.

For any information please contact the customer service:

The customer service is available to the following phone numbers: (+39) 0522-211812 / (+39) 0522- 211836, from 8h00 to 12h00 and from 14h00 to 18h:00,  from Monday to Friday.  For any legal information, please consult the Privacy Police paragraphs, General use conditions and the Right to annulment available in this chapter.     

  1. 1.     The Commercial policy of Mobirolo S.p.A.


-        Mobirolo S.p.A sells goods and services through its e-commerce site, addressed to final users, “Consumers”, who can be natural or legal person.

-        These current sale conditions are exclusively applicable to offer, confirmation and order’s execution for the purchase of goods and services on Internet site.


  1. 2.      Buy on-line  on 


-        In order to buy on-line on, you have to fill the electronic order form and send it to the seller following the related procedure. The language used to conclude the contract is the English one.

-        The above-mentioned contract has to be retained concluded once it has been electronically sent. Before sending it, we please you to check the correctness of all data. In case of mistakes and/or omissions we will ask you to correct and /or complete them.

-        Before finalizing the order of goods and/or services, we invite you to download and read the Sale General Conditions in which you can find also information about the Right to Withdrawal and Privacy Policy on the links available on site. The order’s conclusion and related data transmission will implicate the absolute awareness and acceptation of the Sale General Conditions in force on site.

-        If you do not totally or partially share our Sale General Conditions, please do not finalize the purchase and do not send the order form.

-        Once the contract will be sent, Mobirolo S.p.A. will take in charge your purchase order. The order form will be kept in our Database for the duration of the order’s execution according to legal conditions.


Mobirolo S.p.A. reserves the right to not proceed with the order in the following cases:

1)     Products not available

2)     Lack of solvency guarantees

3)     Incomplete/wrong data



  1. 3.       Product Shipping


The products of mobiroloshop will be delivered  on street level, at street number specified in the delivery address by calling of the carrier. To modify and/or have additional information about the delivery , please contact the following numbers : +39 0522 211812/ 0522 211836.   The delivery do not foresee installation or porterage with delivery on floor.


  1. 4.     Warranty and price

-        The products on sale on are not used, illegals or of law quality respect to the market standard.

-        For every article there is a description and/or a picture. An eventual picture or colors different from reality  can depend from browser and/or your screen.

-        The price of every good and/or service can be subjected to regular updates. We invite you to always check  before confirm the order. In case of discordance, the web pages published on will have to be considered the valid ones.

-        On you could find  products from exhibitions that could be proposed as special articles. Mobirolo S.p.A will communicate this information in the product’s description.

-        In case you will exercise your right of withdrawal, Mobirolo S.p.A has the right to not accept the return of products modified in their essential and qualitative characteristics or damaged.


  1. 5.     Payment conditions

Here below you could find and choose the possible payment modalities available in the order form:


a)     Order with delivery in  Uk

-        Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard)

-        Paypal

-        Bank transfer


Here below the description of different payment modalities and rules.


1)     Payments  by Credit Card

We accept the following Credit Cards :


- Visa

The payment by Credit Card has the possibility to send the goods to a different address respect to the order’s owner. The due amount is charged once the order has been shipped and not once the order has been placed.  During the production’s phase, the sum is only booked. In case the Credit card is not recorded, the amount is automatically unblocked after 30 days from order’s receipt. We reserve the right to ask to the bank institute who issued the credit card all the necessary information to check the credit card’s authenticity and also control with the credit card’s owner. This operation requires about 5 working days and the order results suspended up to positive reply from the bank institute. Only after receipt of positive reply, Mobirolo will proceed with the order and its delivery. Mobirolo reserves the right to ask by fax a front and back copy of the Credit Card and/or a valid document to complete and/or speed the procedure. In case of lack of the copy of requested document, Mobirolo S.p.a. reserves the right to do not process and cancel the order.


2)     Payments  by Paypal

The free sending of payments by Paypal will be done through the intermediary of the Paypal personal account.

3)     Payments  by Bank Transfer

Through this payment’s modality, the goods will be dispatched only after the deposit of the exact amount on our bank account. The payment’s description on the bank transfer will have to specify: order number, name and surname of the order’s holder. Before any bank transfer, we recommend you to check with customer service about goods availability.  Usually 3/5 working days from payment’s date are necessary to have the sum credited on the beneficiary’s account. Mobirolo S.p.A. will not be responsible for payment delays. In case of lack of payment within 10/12 days from order’s date to Mobirolo S.p.A., the order will be automatically cancelled and  customer will receive communication by mail. Mobirolo S.p.A. does not assume responsibility about depletion of availability  from the order’s confirmation of  Customer service up to the deposit on Mobirolo S.p.A. bank account.

Here below our bank details:

Account holder: Mobirolo S.p.A.

ABI Code: 02008

CAB Code: 66361

CIN Code : C

Bank Account Number : 000103171775

IBAN: IT 97 C 02008 66361 000103171775

Bank: Unicredit Spa


1.6 Customer Service

For any information, please  contact our customer service.

For any additional information, please send a mail to or contact the customer service to the following numbers: (+39) 0522 211812 / (+39) 0522 211836.

The Customer service is active from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 14 to 18.


1.7 Privacy

In order to have additional information about consent to personal data, we invite you to read the paragraph about PRIVACY POLICY.

-        For any additional information about privacy, please write to

-        Or contact the customer service to the following numbers: (+39) 0522 211812 / (+39) 0522 211836.

-        The reference’s regulation is the Italian Legislative Decree dated 30 June 2003, nr. 196 and further modifications and/or integrations.

1.8 Modifications, integrations and updates.

Mobirolo S.p.A. has the right to do modifications, integrations and updates at any time and in case of new regulations. The new General Sale Conditions will be in force starting from their publication on


Right of withdrawal

The products sold on have a guarantee of 24 months in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree 24/2002. The products sale is in conformity with the Italian Legislative Decree nr. 185 dated 22 May 1999 which foresees the possibility of the buyer to exercise the right of withdrawal. The consumer has the right of withdrawal without any penalty and the only costs to sustain are the ones related to  the shipping  of the good’s return. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised from operators of this sector like traders, artisans and companies of any legal form.


What is the right of withdrawal?

The right of withdrawal consists in the possibility to return back the purchased goods and be refunded. The consumer can exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 working days starting from  the goods receipt.

How to benefit of the right of withdrawal?

To exercise the right of withdrawal you have to send a registered mail within 14 working days starting from the goods receipt to the following address:


Strada C. Colombo 22/A

42046 Reggiolo (RE)


It is possible to anticipate the registered mail to the following e-mail address: Anyway consider that the right of withdrawal will be activated only through confirmation of registered mail within 48 hours from e-mail sending.

How to fill the Registered mail?

In order to be accepted and benefit of the right of withdrawal, the registered mail has to contain the following information:  

1) Invoice number

2)  Product codes and in case of partial withdrawal only the codes of the involved product;

3)  The bank details in order to do the bank transfer

After the sending of the registered mail , you can contact the Mobirolo Customer Service to the following numbers: (+39) 0522 211812 / (+39) 0522 211836 in order to obtain the authorization of goods return. The registered mail will have to be sent to the following address:


Strada C. Colombo 22/A

42046 Reggiolo (RE)



How effect the shipment of the material to Mobirolo

After Mobirolo’s confirmation of goods return, we please you to package the material in order to avoid damages during the transport.

Sent it within 14 working days starting from authorization to the following address:


Strada C. Colombo 22/A

42046 Reggiolo (RE)


These shipping costs are at customer’s charge.


Times for bank transfer

Mobirolo S.p.A will provide for bank transfer according to established modalities, after goods receipt. The refund will be within 30 days from communication’s receipt.


Personal Data Processing

This section will describe the Website managements about personal data treatment of customers. This document refers to the Art. 13 Decree 193/06 (Privacy Code) for customers of services of our website. This document refers also to Recommendation nr. 2/2001 dated 17/05/2001 issued from the European authorities about minimum requirements for  online personal data’s safety. It is not valid for other websites consulted through our links for which Mobirolo S.p.A. is not responsible.  


The treatment’s holder

The treatment’s holder of personal data  for customer who consult our Website is Mobirolo S.p.A., C. Colombo 22/A 42046 Reggiolo (RE).


Place and Purpose of personal data treatment

The treatments linked to the Web services of this site have to be referred to the Mobirolo location and are managed from the appointed technical staff. The data treatment referred to their conversation is contained in the proper archives of the Company. No data is communicated to third parties. The communicated personal data are used  only for the requested service  and are not communicated to third parties except for cases in which the communication has requested from law obligations or it is strictly necessary for managing the request.


Agreements types

Web surfing data

The informatics systems and software procedures of this Website receive some treatment data that could permit to identify the users through elaborations and associations with data of third parties. In this category there are IP addresses or domain names of Pc used from the users, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, the hour of the request, the used method, the file dimension, the numerical code with the reply’s state of the server and other parameters connected to the operative system and to the user. These data are used only for statistic purpose and correct functioning and are deleted after the processing. The Data could be used for responsibility’s verification in case of informatics violations.


Data supplied  from users on purpose 

The elective and voluntary sending of mail to the indicated addresses implicates the acquisition of the address of the sender, necessary to reply to requests.


The Website makes use of cookies to reveal the users preferences and grant a proper web surfing. Cookies are used to establish anonymously the most popular web pages, to remember the user’s browsing activity, the necessary information to improve the offered services. It is possible to visit the website without accepting the cookies memorization, it occurs to activate the “do not accept cookies” option in  your browser. In most cases, browser accept automatically cookies.


Regulations for advertising based on interests 

The Website makes use also of the “remarketing” function of Google Adwords. This allows to publish personalized announcements in the Google net contents according to the visited pages from the users on the Website (for additional information please visit the Web page Some Web pages includes a “Remarketing code” which allows to read and set up the browser cookies in order to establish the announcement’s type that the user will see according to the data of his visit. The remarketing lists are contained in the Google’s server together with the cookie ID connecting to the interests. The obtained information allow to identify only the browser and not the user (additional information on the remarketing tool are available in this link).


Data Presentation  

The user is free to supply  personal data to ask for offered services from the company. Without them the required service cannot be supplied.  


 Personal Data Treatment

Personal data are treated through automated informatics tools for the necessary time to reach the aim for which they have been collected. Specific security measures are observed to avoid the data loss or not authorized accesses.


Users Rights

The holders of personal data have the right to obtain the confirmation or not of their data, to know the content, the origin, the correctness, the update or the rectification  (art. 7 Legislative Decree. Nr. 196/2003). In virtue of this Article it is possible to ask for cancellation, transformation in anonymous way or interrupt the data treatment because of law violation or for unlawful reasons. The requests have to be sent to the treatment’s Holder in the person of  Valentino Morellini of Mobirolo S.p.A. to the address here above mentioned. This constitutes  the “Privacy Police”  of this Website that will be subjected to updates.


Features of represented Products  

The represented products of this publication as well as the descriptions and technical features are to be considered indicatives and can be subjected to modifications without notification from Mobirolo S.p.A.

It is recommended to check the product features by sale points.


Data treatment modality of the Newsletter

Concerning the Newsletter management, Mobirolo uses the service offered from GetResponse Sp. z o.o. , simply mentioned  “Getresponse”. All the data are memorized on Getresponse safe servers.

In virtue of the Getresponse’s privacy policy, your data will never be used directly from getresponse or sold to third person. Getresponse works with specialized operators authorized for the service’s maintenance and for this they could access to your data. In any case remain in force the Getresponse Privacy Policy guarantees.

When the administrator will send the newsletter, data will  be recovered through the tools at disposal of Getresponse and through them a Newsletter will be sent.